Equipment Management

We focus on increasing productivity for your hospital while saving costs.

We will help decrease unused inventory while increasing usable assets with patient care in mind.

Procurement Consulting

Reduce time searching for equipment by leveraging immediate sources for your asset management needs.

Effective management can save your hospital substantial time and money.

We ensure external resources are in line with your hospital's goals.

Capital Equipment Management

Capital equipment management is vital to ensure compliance in preparation for audits and to ensure proper patient care.

Equipment utilization (ROI) is an important factor to consider prior to purchasing or renting equipment.

Offsite Storage

Available for assets not in use.

HERO offers storage, PM servicing that ensures your assets are safe and ready to be put in service at a moment’s notice.

Disposition of Capital Assets

This is an opportunity to bundle and save.

This action contributes to charities and help support health care systems around the world. HERO is designed to act in the best interest of our clients.

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